Tall Ships

Rigging Down

All lines and spars will be struck except the masts and shrouds.

Left: Steve goes aloft on the forward mast to rig a gantline. Once aloft, he will clip in his safety harness. He will be standing on the square frame visible at the masthead. About 80 feet above the deck.

A gantline is a working line used to rig down the boat. A block is fixed to the masthead and a line is run up from one rail, through the block, and down to the other rail. This forms a working line that is used for such as lowering blocks from aloft (50 lb.) or easing spars into position for stowing on deck.

The main and mizzen masts were similarly rigged by Kurt and Julie.

Although the Second Mate (Robert) and Kurt had crewed together on the 'Elissa', a square rigger out of Corpus Christi, Kurt had never worked a schooner so there was plenty of ribbing from Robert when he sent Kurt aloft.

"Now [Kurt], the shrouds are looser than you're used to...and the ratboards get real small at the top. But don't worry. If something happens, we know where your cabin is so we'll split up your stuff and take real good care of it for ya'."

Right: Julie strips line out of a block while the First Mate (behind her) coils it.
Left: Steve yells, "Line going up!", as he pulls on a line, sending the bitter end aloft and through a block. "Line coming down!" is the call as the line falls to the deck.
Right: Kurt and the First Mate (Jeff) stand by to shift the main gaff as Robert worries loose a knot with a marlinespike.


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