Tall Ships

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The Rose entering the harbor at Bridgeport after several very closely hauled tacks across Long Island Sound under full sail. It wasn't until we were at the harbor entrance that the order to strike sail was given and the deck became a flurry of activity. As you can see, the tops'ls are still set.

Naturally the return to home port required the discharge of many guns. Here a 6-pounder is ignited for the benefit of the local yacht club. Hank managed to sneak a full pound of powder into one of the 6-pounders on the gun deck. It pushed Paul back a good 4 feet when it went off. Note the fore topsail yard has been 'clewed down' to it's lifts but the gear (clews, bunts, and reef tackle) has not yet been hauled up.

The author standing on the starboard main chainwale tending a fender. The gear on my belt is a marlinspike and a rigging knife. Both are attached to the belt with a lanyard to prevent them from becoming lethal projectiles if dropped while working aloft.



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