Tall Ships

Gun Play

No doubt about it - the Captain liked his guns - and so did Hank. It took little or no excuse to fire a salute.

'Boats' was boson and gunner. Here he's loading some charges for the guns - probably in preparation for our arrival in Kingston. There were samples of various shot on board including chain shot, bar shot, and grape shot. Each would have had it's application in combat.

On the way back to Bridgeport the schooner Soundwater crossed our bow to have a closer look. Little did they know the Captain had ordered the deck guns loaded and primed. As soon as they were close enough, the colors were struck and the Jolly Roger (skull w/ a rose in its teeth) was raised. Hands were ordered to the braces as we brought our bow around and the guns to bear for a broadside - which 'Boats' gladly administered. The whole maneuver was carried out under sail and it struck me that, although simple, it had been carried out much the same way it must have been on the original Rose.

A detachment of 'British Marines' were aboard for the re-enactment of the HMS Rose's assault on and subsequent burning of Kingston, NY. As we rounded the point the Union Jack was raised and all guns were primed. The following fusillade must have made for quite a show from the shore where the 'battle' raged.



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