Tall Ships

Jackel, the Captain's dog, got a daily bath during deck wash. Here he peers into the Captain's cabin window hoping (in vain) to be let in.

We passed a submarine on the way across the sound to New York.

On the way back down the Hudson we anchored off The Statue of Liberty.

West Point. On the way up the river they said they couldn't let us dock until late in the evening. That earned them several broadsides as we passed.

The mess deck was swabbed daily and after three weeks of using the decrepit bucket and wringer on the boat I was determined to supply a new one upon our return to Bridgeport. It was very well received and immediately put to use. From left to right: Fitz (ship's engineer), Robert(first mate), Tim (deckhand).

The Rose is visible behind the Peking. This is the ship featured in the film "Around Cape Horn". It dwarfs the Rose.

The Rose In New York City.

The author at the wheel of the Peking.



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