Tall Ships

Victory Chimes

Camden Sail-in
August 2003

It was a fine crew this trip, perhaps the best I've seen on the Chimes so far. Captain Files and Todd (first mate) worked like a well-oiled machine and the crew was right in sync. I think I worked more on this trip than any other and finally felt I could (within the limits of my training) integrate well with the crew. As usual, I learned a lot....next trip I will master the headsails.

We 'beat' it up the coast which took a lot of tacks and handling of sail. This made for a happy crew as its more fun to handle the rig than polish brass or clean the heads.

Will (bosun) furls the flying jib. The wind was quite brisk. At one point we had the mizzen and the main reefed and at least one jib struck. Word had it we made 10 knots on that leg. We reefed and unreefed sail while under way which was quite educational. As Will put it, it was a "reef-and-headsail drill.". Thats when you really learn the rig.

Mike Stevens (Elissa) went aloft on the fore to see if he could catch a glimpse of The Eagle, the USCG square-rigger. She had rounded up in Camden, but unfortunately had departed the area before we could catch up with her.

The fleet of schooners dots the horizon with sails heading for Camden. The Victory Chimes is the first in since she's the biggest and needs the most room to maneuver in the harbor.

The Angelique running along side.

The Riggin. There was a choreography of schooners as everyone jockeys for position to enter the harbor.


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